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Chateau Isaac Wines

  • Deir El Ahmar, Bekaa
  • 15K bottles/year
  • 4 Ha

ISAAC Winery, owned by the Ishak family, specializes in small production it’s a homemade wine. We first began around the year 2000 and our launching was in 2010.


Our vineyards valley is located in North Bekaa - Deir el Ahmar at an altitude of 900-1200 m . Made and bottled in Torzaya under the care and supervision of the Ishak family, each bottle of wine is made with love.

Chateau ISAAC offers Red Wine (Sec, Demi-Sec and Sweet) Without Added Sulfites, White and Rosé Wine, completely natural wines created with patience without any added chemical products. The exceptional Red wine production takes a little more care to ensure the highest quality. It’s the only organic Red wine in Lebanon made without added sulfites or additives.