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Gilbert Simon Wines

  • Qleiat, Mount Lebanon
  • 120K bottles/year
  • 1.2 Ha

Located in Qleiat, 900 to 1050 meters above the Lebanese Mediterranean Sea, our vineyards & Soils are blessed to be surrounded by Mother Nature’s Olive Trees, Fig Trees, Wild Lavender and Rosemary. What makes these plantation surroundings interesting is that the use of pesticides and added chemicals becomes unnecessary, as long as we’re protected by our wild sister plants. Our grapes and Vineyard normally mature & grow during 305 days of Sun, naturally irrigated with 100 days of spring dew, and 60 days of Rain, our only human interventions happens when irrigating the neighboring lavenders and rosemary during the hot & dry summertime, before harvesting & grape pruning.


Not necessarily all Gilbert Simon Wines are grown or fermented in Qleiat because very many other Lebanese villages and domains are meant to produce great unique wine starting from Qana in the south of Lebanon (where in the Holy Bible the water has been transformed into wine), passing through Mtein in the Mount Lebanon, all the way up to the North towards Kobayate. Yes! We do consider Lebanon to be one of the greatest vineyards in the world. Named after the Award Winning Multi Talented Artist Gilbert Simon from Lebanese Armenian & French Origins from Marseille, Winning the Asterix Cover Creation in Paris in 2013 where he was chosen by Albert Uderzo Himself, and also Blessed to reinterpret “Il Faut Savoir” by Charles Aznavour in 2015, our fine product is made from Fine French vines, proudly grown in a Lebanese Vineyard, that makes our product purely Mediterranean just like our brand’s Humble Godfather Gilbert Simon himself, the Creator of the International Cartoon Character “Mwet©” the Mediterranean Seagull.

The End Result is a Pride! Creating a series of Premium Lebanese Wines & Spirits, our aim is to apply and to hopefully be granted and certified organic for all our vintages, by the internationally prestigious IMC “Istituto Mediterraneo di Certificazione”.