Mystic Grove "Chapter 8" Saffron Gin 70cl

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Winery/Distillery Mystic Grove
Alcohol Level High
Food Pairing
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Winery/Distillery Mystic Grove
Alcohol Level High
Food Pairing

Description and tasting notes

Mystic Grove is conceived in Belgium for the European market. 
It's proudly distilled and bottled in Mtein, Lebanon by Nader Distilleries Co. in full respect to the great British Traditions. 
Saffron Chapter 8 is a mixture of tradition and modernity based on experience. High quality, whole golden saffron pistils float freely in this distinctive gin. Slow vapor infusion, pure grain spirits, selected hand-picked botanicals and highland's spring water. Render our chapter 8 gin a one of a kind experience not to be missed.
The greatness of Mystic Grove Gin  lies in it's perfect balance owned to the fourth generation of professional distillers and masters of botanicals. 
They succeeded in mixing tradition with modernity relying on experience, a 4-generation-old recipe and innovation. 
The spring water from the highland blended with the slow vapor infusion of distilled grain spirits through 12 selected hand-picked botanicals sourced around the world render this gin impossible to match. 

Definitely incomparable on all levels, it deserves to be benchmarked with the great liquors of the world.