Abou Akl Arak

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Arak Abou Akl goes back to the late 1920s when Moussa Abi Akl started fermenting grapes and making Arack in Mtein.  The Arak of Moussa, known in his village as Abou Akl, was distinctly appreciated by his surroundings that he decided to start his own trademark in 1935: “Arak Abou Akl”, the Lebanese specialty meticulously developed to maintain all the flavor of our sunny land. The 3-times distillation technique took place in Mtein.

During the long 15 years of civil war, while the Lebanese market for Arak was taking knockouts, Lebanese diaspora in Canada and USA were asking for their favorite brand that tasted like home. That is why, in the 1980s, Arak Abou Akl started exporting to Quebec, Canada and in the 1990s to the USA. In Lebanon, the now niche market of Arak Abou Akl order it personally from the distillery.

Years of experience using our special vapor distillation technique perfected the rich aniseed liquor of Arak Abou Akl. The artefact is triple distilled and well-aged before making it to your table. 

Tasting notes

Trying Arak Abou Akl is a wholesome experience to all your senses. Mesmerize your eyesight with the magic of transparent turning white with the first drop of water, capture your olfactory sense with the rich anis smell, feel the coldness of your glass cup on your lip and taste the smoothness of the triple distillation invading your palate and lasting. Don’t forget to cling your glasses with your loved ones and toast for your good health!

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