Glenbey Premium Scotch whisky with Lebanese signature

Winery/Distillery 209 Lebanese Wine
Food Pairing
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Winery/Distillery 209 Lebanese Wine
Food Pairing

Description and tasting notes

From the glens of Scotland to the shores of Lebanon, Glenbey is the first ever Premium Scottish whisky to have a Lebanese Signature. The first whisky born in Scotland, bottled in Lebanon…The best of both worlds.

A blend of grain and malt. High grade ingredients, Scottish knowhow and Lebanese production.

3 Y O Blended Scotch Whisky

 A galaxy of glittering amber honey gold laced with facets of sparkling sunlight.

Distinguished and elegant nose. Our unique marrying in our insitu sherry butts has gracefully nurtured this noble masterpiece. The balance of this blend is awe inspiring as inviting aromas of milk chocolate, vanilla fudge, baked sweet apple and soft marzipan quickly come into play however this barrage of beauty is soon replaced by another wave of exuberance; sun kissed peaches, fleshy over ripe pears, moist Victoria sponge cake and glazed mandarin orange segments completes this spectrum of delight. A gentle kiss of freshly baked bread soaked in Manuka honey, pineapple and chewy toffee slowly ebb away in the background. Generous and warm to the last.

A glittering composition of delight explodes on the palate as enthralling flavours of candied oranges, apricots, fig syrup and buttered hot gingerbread engulfs your taste buds. This complex cluster of enticing flavours has been tempered and tamed by a variety of outstanding wood styles which has culminated in this panoply of pleasure. Layers of frangipan, roasted hazelnuts, soft chewy liquorice and Turkish delights have fused together in this memorable performance before a finale of muscovado, Demerara sugar, sweet raisins and kiwi fruits make their presence felt before a faint sprinkling of coconut, maple syrup and molasses provides that everlasting aftertaste.