Domaine Wardy Tempranillo 2018

Winery/Distillery Domaine Wardy
Alcohol Level Medium
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Winery/Distillery Domaine Wardy
Alcohol Level Medium

Description and tasting notes

Domaine Wardy Tempranillo, the Spanish variety that, was planted in the Iberian Peninsula by our ancestors the ancient Phoenicians thousands of years ago.
Let me say right away I’m hooked; dare I say it’s my new favourite?
This is lusciously delicious.
How to describe it? Floral, herbal, leafy with strong notes of black cherry.
There’s a wonderfully mysterious quality about it that I find utterly captivating.

Label: Near Eastern mosaic to indicate the origin of the wine: Lebanon. The colors are based on the aromatic profile of the grape variety. The wood texture indicates that the wine has been oaked. Designed by Tarek Atrissi.

About Domaine Wardy Wines

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Located in Bekaa Valley
Land size: 22 Ha
Number of bottles produced per year: 300,000

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