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Winery/Distillery 209 Lebanese Wine
Alcohol Level High
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Winery/Distillery 209 Lebanese Wine
Alcohol Level High

Description and tasting notes

The Bathtub GIN from Les Vignes du Marje is the result of a Lebanese gluten-free spirit with local ingredients utilizing Juniper Berries and other botanical products in the maceration and infusion process. Including but not limited to citrus and pink grapefruit.


Riachi Junipium Gin 12 botanicals 

A small batch, artisanal Junipium dry gin crafted by Riachi, a Lebanese family winery and distillery that has been passed down 8 generations.

The indigenous juniperus excels beery is one of 12 hand selected botanicals distilled to perfection. The result is a gin the tis mysteriously complex and aromatic.

The nose is rich in floral and zesty aromas and the palate is abundant in fresh aromatic spices.