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About Cave Kouroum

  • We at Cave Kouroum are earnestly dedicated to achieving excellence and sustaining commitment in the application of quality to make superb wine and to provide a special place for passionate wine drinkers to build their wine knowledge and appreciation.  Our philosophy is simple: ripe grapes, gentle handling and attention to detail, timely intervention, and thoughtful blending. 

  • A blend of traditional methods and new techniques are used to achieve such harmony within the wines, bringing out their natural qualities to the fore. All are expertly combined to offer an exceptional wine to various consumer preferences from the unique Lebanese soil. Since time immemorial, vineyards have thrived on Lebanese soil making Lebanon one of oldest wine producers in the world.

  • It was on this land in the Bekaa Valley that the Ancient Romans built a gorgeous temple and dedicated it to Bacchus the god of wine. In the heart of the Bekaa, on the slope of Barouk Mountain, lies the village of Kefraya. Known for many decades as a major supplier of grapes to be used in wine production, the village was and remains the annual meeting place for the region’s merchants in search of grapes.

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