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Chateau Belle-Vue

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About Chateau Belle-Vue

  • The finest wines tell a story--of heritage, passion, or perhaps the quest for that “perfect vintage”.  But only rarely does a wine seek to express our deeply human connection to each other and to the land. You have found it here at Chateau Belle-Vue -- wines of exceptional character and the story of a village you’ll find hard to forget.
  • Belle-Vue itself was originally a beautiful hotel, which stood commandingly high on the mountain facing the Mediterranean Sea and the snowcapped mountains to the north.  The hotel was owned and run by Naji Boutros’ maternal grandparents.  When war broke out in 1975, Hotel Belle-Vue closed its doors and became the family’s main residence—though guests who came knocking were always offered a bed for the night.

  • Hotel Belle-Vue no longer exists, but symbolically, this was the first vineyard planted with vines in April 2000.  Years later, we now cultivated 30,000 vines on dozens of plots in and around the village. 

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Selected Wines from Chateau Belle-Vue