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Chateau St Clement

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About Chateau St Clement

  • St. CLEMENT winery was established in 2010 at Saghine, Bekaa Valley , Lebanon. The owner and winemaker  Nassim George ABOU-HAMAD, agricultural engineer has started his wine career in 2008 where he travelled to Montpellier-France have his winemaking degree.

  • The winery produce a limited quantity of 5000 bottles per year  from locally grown vineyards situated 20 minutes away at the border of Qaroun Lake.   The Lake  contribute to soften the dryness of the air flowing to the vineyards thus creating optimum conditions to grape growth.

  • Year after year the small St.Clement winery  is gaining  increasing reputation for the quality wine it makes at the local and regional market.

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      Bekaa Valley
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