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Clos du Phoenix

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About Clos du Phoenix

  • Clos du Phoenix is a family winery. The 6 hectares vineyard is located 52 km from Beirut, North Lebanon, in the small village of Eddé-Batroun with a thousand of inhabitants. After 10 years of involvement in the wine business by pooling our grapes into a joint wine with partners, we decided to start our own independent winery.
  • We are now making our own wine exclusively under a new brand with a new winery, leveraging the skills and experience of the historical team. The clay and limestone specific soil and the microclimate of the area are ideal for viticulture and þnix (phoenix) is a benchmark for quality wine produced in the Batroun region. It is one of the rare terroir wine produced in Lebanon

  • The vineyard, owned exclusively by the Chédid and Anid families, consists of 16,000 vines spread over 6 hectares. It is located in North Lebanon in the village of Eddé (Batroun) at altitudes ranging from 250 to 400m. Five kinds of wines are produced at the winery. Three red wines (one blend and two single varietal), a white wine and a rosé. The quality is guaranteed by traditional winemaking methods used: green harvest, manual harvesting, use of organic fertilizers. The winemaking is under the supervision of our French oenologist, Yvan Jobard, a native of Burgundy. The grape breeding and harvesting are set to favor quality over quantity.

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