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Domaine des Tourelles

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About Domaine des Tourelles

  • When Frenchman François-Eugène Brun laid the foundation stone of Domaine des Tourelles in Chtaura back in 1868, he couldn’t have known that he had just begun to write the marvelous story of Lebanese wine
  • Honoring this great heritage of artisan know-how and quality, Domaine des Tourelles produces today the best of wine, arak (with its famous label “Arak Brun”) and liqueur. The prestigious Property is classified among the finest boutique wineries of the Middle-East, described by the Financial Times as “the most seductive winery” in Lebanon.
  • Today and after 150 years of achievements, a young and motivated team is still taking up the challenge of placing Domaine des Tourelles at the top of Lebanese wineries in the world with a presence in more than 20 international markets and still many more to come.

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    Jdita - Chtaura
    Bekaa Valley
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     +961 8 540114
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