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About Karam Wines

  • Karam Wines is the tale of two brothers who grew up amid their ancestral vine estate in southern Lebanon. The eldest, would as a boy gaze at flying machines passing over their vineyards and wish he was up there. An airplane pilot he became, flying heavy jets pondering over vineyards from above, wanting to resume winemaking down there.

  • The youngest’ s passion for vineyards and their products urged him to become a successful grape and fruit merchant in the U.S also a wine importer and distributor in the D.C., Virginia and Maryland areas. Today, the wine maker and the businessman, realizing more than ever their limitless passion for vineyards and its magical result wine, initiated Karam Wines, through which they endeavor relentlessly to preserve and improve ancestral skills learned in the art of wine making.

  • Before Karam Wines came into being, most of the Lebanese wines were made of grapes grown in the Bekaa valley. We started planting in the South of Lebanon vines suited for wine making, in an effort to diversify the taste of Lebanese wines.

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