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About Mas Helios

  • Located at an altitude of 1100 meters and protected from cliffs of Wadi ed Dalem on the flank and mountain of Daher El Beidar; The 12 hectares of the vineyard of Mas Hélios planted with noble grape varieties over 20 years old enjoy an exceptional location. The Vineyard El Méchélany, by Mas Hélios, is a family estate. Marwan El Méchélany, winemaker and winegrower welcomes you in his vineyard estate composed of 12 hectares and planted with 7 different grape varieties.

  • TThe estate is entirely cultivated while respecting the traditions, the integrated production standards, and the working method of the vines and the protection of nature. At the appropriate maturity of each grape variety, the grapes are harvested by hand. Marwan, passionate about wine, takes the greatest care of his vineyard, watches until the elaboration of the wine, as well as the management of the estate. Located in the heart of the estate, the St. Mary's Chapel, adorned with a splendid stained glass window, was baptized on 25 May 2016.

  • Sitting proudly next to a large hundred-year-old olive tree, this chapel allows the appreciation of an exceptional tranquility and serenity.It is with great pleasure that we welcome you for a discovery of our wine range, in our cellar in Jdita, a place conducive to exchanges and meetings. Tasting is the conjugation between the terroir and man, where identity is the expression of each varietal enhancement. During the day, you can book the cellar for a session or a multimedia presentation, maximum 25 people.

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