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Organic Wine selection from 209


Drinking Wine is good for you, Try an Organic Wine this week!

Red wine, in particular, has been associated with many improved health outcomes, such as reduced risk for obesity and cardiovascular disease. 

So, what makes an organic wine different and better?

Organic wine is made with grapes that are certified organic, free from pesticides and herbicides and gmo yeasts.

Organic wine is generally lower in sulfites and chemical additives, probably made with wild, natural yeasts. Wild, natural yeasts are different than added yeasts because they are derived from the skins of grapes.

Nevertheless, organic wine can still contain sulfites. Sulfites are naturally present in the skin of grapes, so all wine will contain at least some. However, organic will contain only a little or no added sulfites at all. The total sulfite level of organic wines must be less than 20 ppm (parts per million)

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