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Riachy Vineyards

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About Riachy Vineyards

  • RIACHY VINEYARDS presents to you a selection of refined, cool-climate crafted Lebanese wines. Uniquely our own, our single vineyard wines elevate your senses with their rich flavors and aromas, reflecting decades of winemaking heritage. RIACHY VINEYARDS marries classic values, the art of craftsmanship and innovation to produce exceptional wines that stand among the finest. 

  • We use the latest technology in combination with time honored traditions for the production of refined, cool-climate crafted Lebanese wines. Located at 1600 meters in altitude and above in Mount-Lebanon, our estate grown grapes mature slowly allowing their exquisite character to elegantly unfold. The mountainous colder nights and milder diurnal temperatures contribute to longer ripening periods. 
  • As such, our later harvests maximize fruit quality resulting in more balanced wines with medium levels of alcohol along with sufficient natural acidity while revealing varietal character". As a fourth generation wine maker, my life has been influenced by my family’s winemaking. Creating Riachy Vineyards came to me as a natural progression of honoring a family tradition steeped deeply in winemaking rituals. With my latest vintage selection, I hope to share some of these experiences with you” – Imad E. Riachy, winegrower & vintner.
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