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About Vertical 33

  • The Russian summer is too short to properly ripen the grapes, the German wine is mostly white because it is difficult to bring red grapes to maturity. France has its Champagne in the north and Languedoc in the south, known for its heavier-tasting wine. Latitude 33 (Lebanon’s latitude) is in the country’s south, at the edge of the wine-growing region. With this stratification in mind, one expects the heavy alcoholic wine of the Deep South. However, we have the mountain, the altitude that compensates for latitude. Hence: VERTICAL 33. Resulting from the conglomerate of unique climates, VERTICAL 33 is more than just a bottle of wine. It is a statement of the generous diversity of Mount Lebanon.
  • The journey leading to the perfect wines from Lebanon begins with the fusion of our seeds with the natural elements at different altitudes from 1000 to 1600 meters along the 33rd latitude, in the best clay and limestone microclimates of the east slopes of Mount Lebanon. Sense of Place: Respecting terroir, one must allow the grapes to express themselves in the wine. To do so, each of our wines is made with only one type of grape, coming from a specific piece of land. Without a doubt, we have astoundingly a great terroir in Lebanon! Cinsault is probably the best adapted cepage to our climate. It can have markedly different expressions depending on where it is planted. There are two parcels of land, both on the east slopes of the Barouk Mountain in the village of Kefraya.
  • Treated in the same manner, fermented separately but both in cement and elevated without oak, each parcel produced two excellent but very distinct wines. Vertical 33 is the result of the marriage of tradition and modern knowledge. A bouquet of fruit with silky tannins, a great expression of mature fruits, and this wine retains a memory of nature as it flows seamlessly in your glass.
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