Arak Farid Cinnamon-infused Arak 25 cl


Our arak is honest & so was he. Farid was our beloved grandfather, he was a man of few words & a raw attitude. no flattery. no praise. only pure untamed conversations. he had a unique taste for life, so we make this arak in his name & we craft it in his home town of Ain Jouaya.

The distillation process happens inside what we call a “Karkeh”. The Lebanese ‘Kerkeh’ is what we use to cook the Arak, it’s made of pure copper, fabricated in Tripoli at “Souk Al Nahaseen” which is a traditional Copper market in the North of Lebanon

We craft the Arak with utmost cleanliness and generosity, from the heart of our distillery into the spirit that fills every bottle. Our natural cleaning agent is Lemon, used for scrubbing and deep cleaning of our Kerkeh, to maintain its quality and shine.

We use the finest ingredients grown in the meditterranean region of Lebanon and Syria. Our anise is a top handpicked selection from the village of Al-Hineh in Syria.

Our grape alcohol originates from the vineyards and rich soils of the Bekaa region in Lebanon. During the crushing process, the grapes are thouroughly cleaned which results in a clean & pure grape alcohol, no chemicals.

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