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Blanc de Cana 2015


Clos de Cana

This heavy wine is made of 70% Chardonnay and 30% Meessasi. It is the first wine variety that is made out of the Meessasi grapes, a typical Lebanese grape found by our ancestors many generations ago. It offers a penetrating subtle aroma that brings wonder to the highly refined royal palace. The nose has depth of aromatics, displaying hazelnut, vanilla and citrus notes. The palate is dry, medium to full bodied, with a thread of acidity that dances across the palate bringing balance to the concentration of fruit. The complex flavors unravel on the palate and linger on, the hallmark of a fine wine. Food and wine pairing: this pairs perfectly with white fish, chicken, pasta in a cream sauce, and is a lovely way to end a meal with some soft goat’s cheese.

  • White
  • Mount Lebanon
  • Great with Fish
    Great with Poultry
    Great with Seafood
    Great with Soft Cheese
    Great with Sushi
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Winery: Clos de Cana