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Cuvee Saint Elie Red

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The summer of 2014 was the last harvest that our father Elias Tanios Touma participated in, before he passed away in January 2015. As an homage to the founder of this company, a beloved and respected father and a great man, and to commemorate the last harvest we celebrated together, we are releasing this special wine bottle called “cuvee saint Elie”. Saint Elie is the patron saint of our father, our family and our winery and this wine is intended as a celebration of our father’s passion for life. His favorite grapes were the “Cinsault” for being the oldest Lebanese grape and the “Cabernet Sauvignon” for being “as resilient as the Lebanese people no matter where you cultivate it, it will grow and prosper and gives you an amazing thing”. This wine is a combination of these two grapes with medium oak so as not to mask the bouquet of the wine. 
Brilliant ruby color. Splendid nose of coffee and chocolate grilled and toasted, vanilla and cassis. Explosive mouth of red and black fruits, with remarkable and elegant tannins. Exceptional finish. As our father used to say “this is a manly wine”.
Nothing we could ever do could repay a tiny fraction of everything you have done for us and all the love you have giving us. Everything we are we owe it to you. Thank you dad, we love you and miss you. Cheers.
Dargham, Wissam,Houssam.
  • Red
  • great with strong cheese
    great with red meat

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