Riachi Levant Highlands Lebanese Malt & Wheat whisky miniature 190ml

Winery/Distillery Riachi
Alcohol Level High
Tannins No Tannins
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Winery/Distillery Riachi
Alcohol Level High
Tannins No Tannins

Description and tasting notes

Aged in white oak, this triple-distilled Levant Highlands whisky was crafted from continental malted barley mashed and fermented with wheat. Through a rich aromatic journey, the oak dances with a wave of almond and caramelized biscuits to coalesce with earthy smoke that is reminiscent of old islander whiskies, yet with the fresh and unique Mediterranean character of the Levant. The lips will bask in ripples of baking spices, yellow fruits and vanilla cake as the creamy texture swims with your taste buds. A long and mellow sweet smoke finish signals the end of the journey, until the next glorious sip. 


This 190 ml bottle can be redeemed as a 20,000 LBP voucher discount on the 750 ml bottles. 

About Riachi Winery & Distillery

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Located in Mount Lebanon
Land size: 20 Ha
Number of bottles produced per year: 90,000

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