Soler's Chia Crackers 180g

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By Soler's

VEGAN- Rich in Omega 3- Crunchy texture with a variety of seeds, chia, flax, sunflower and oat. Enjoy  healthy, authentic, natural, nutritious and tasty snacking. Enrich your caesar salad or soup with crispy chia crackers. Not to be missed in your charcuterie or cheese platter as a pairing essential.You can use it as well as a dip with your hummus, baba ghannouj, Yogurt, Labne or cheese cream

Not a significant source of cholesterol. 

Ingredients: Wheat Flour, Oat Seeds, Corn Flakes, Flax Seeds, Chia Seeds, Sunflower Seeds, Canola Oil, Malt Extract, Multi-cereal powder, Salt, Yeast, Baking Powder, Rosemary Extract used as preservative

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