Terre-Joie: The Secret to Fermenting Happiness


 The only hard part about visiting Terre Joie is leaving...

Far from the city and the noise, a huge hand-made teepee is built to represent the coming together of the three parts of the world.  

Terre Joie is an ode to the nature that surrounds it. Every space is designed not only to be used efficiently, but also to be lived in comfortably. 

Abbi, the Operations Manager, left a very successful career to focus on helping his uncle, the owner of Terre Joie, in his winemaking journey.


Abbi tells us that he helps make this wine for only one reason: how much he enjoys it. 
His love for winemaking makes waking up early, a treat. His passion for his product makes working hard, a hobby.
“If you are going to spend all of your life doing something” he says “ you might as well make sure you spend it working on your passion”.

You can feel personal touches left everywhere, from the stories behind the wines, to the flavor of these wines, to the amazing art pieces drawn on the labels of their red superstars, fLuR and Soeur de fLuR. 

Terre joie represents that one setting, that one moment in which we would stay forever. 

It reminds us that wine has only one purpose: To bring us together. Together around a fire, around a table or around good stories to tell. 

Beyond all the noise, beyond all the stress and uncertainty, the quality of our life is determined by very small moments of joy that go by quickly but leave good memories behind.

Wine might be drank, admired, studied and compared, but above all, wine must be enjoyed.
So click HERE to enjoy a little happiness from Terre-Joie. 

January 18, 2021