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Coteaux du Liban Wines

  • Bekaa Valley
  • 100K bottles/year
  • 15 Ha

Coteaux du Liban is a family-run winery, whose vines are grown at 1,100m on the hillsides of the Bekaa Valley. It was founded in 1999 by the late Nicolas Abou Khater, who studied enology at the University of Burgundy. Although she’s not a wine expert, his wife Roula (musicologist and pianist) manages the winery after her husband’s tragic death in 2009 with the help of their son Roland. They now manage the winery with extreme energy and motivation coming from a deep passion that they somehow inherited from the late founder. Both of whom are now committed to producing quality wines that reflect the uniqueness of the Bekaa’s terroir.


Coteaux du Liban produces four reds, a white and a rosé as well as an arak, Lebanon’s traditional eau de vie and a homemade special Lemoncello. Annual production is 100,000 bottles from 15 hectares of vineyards with the emphasis firmly on the quality of the grapes in order to maintain a high-quality standard for the wines. Almost 95% of the production is exported to many countries such as France, Germany, the United Kingdom, Belgium, the Netherlands, the USA, China.

The goal is to fully exploit the complexity of the grapes while at the same time, allowing their natural Lebanese character to show, from manual harvesting, natural and traditional fermentation, balanced oak aging and the latest techniques of filtration and bottling. Winemaking begins in the vineyards, as Nicolas used to say: “to make an excellent wine you need excellent grapes”. This is Coteaux du Liban’s guiding principle and one that defines the wines we make. Our terroir is simply perfect for wine making, the Bekaa has a unique climate, soil and terroir, all of which play a decisive role in the elegant, balanced, harmonious and flavor-drenched wines we make with love, dedication and passion.