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Domaine Wardy Wines

  • Zahle, Bekaa
  • 350K bottles/year
  • 55 Ha

Established in Zahle in the heart of the Bekaa Valley, Domaine Wardy has roots dating back to 1891.Our terroirs’ distinctiveness is reflected in our grapes and our passionate knowhow is applied to produce a range of 13 wines and 2 araks.


The uniqueness of each Domaine Wardy terroir sets the ideal conditions for growing diverse varieties of red and white grapes: Zahle Vineyard in the middle of the Bekaa Valley: Plain alluvial and clay terroir at an altitude of 900m above sea level. Kfarzabad Vineyard on the slopes of Anti-Lebanon: gravel and clay terroir at an altitude of 1000m above sea level. Bhousha Vineyard of Mount Lebanon: East sloping terraced calcareous clay terroir at an altitude of 1250m above sea level.

Our vineyards are spread over 55 ha of a family estate. In being true and committed to our roots and culture, we are at the forefront of creating the best wines and araks out of our indigenous Lebanese grape, the Obeideh, in addition to the international varieties.Domaine Wardy is a blend of ancient techniques and modern winemaking that aims to reflect the terroir and history of one of the world’s oldest wine regions, the Bekaa Valley.