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Domaine St Gabriel Wines

  • Ghalboun - Byblos, North Lebanon
  • -- bottles/year
  • 7 Ha

Domaine St. Gabriel is a family-owned vineyard and winery, located on a sunny hill between Maad and Ghalboun overlooking the Mediterranean sea of Lebanon. Domaine St. Gabriel is a wine hub for wine lovers, selling authentic organic wines imported directly from the producers at the best prices.


Our mission as a small, family-owned nosiness is to provide our customers with delicious, quality wines that are all hand-crafted locally. We provide an unparalleled section of wines palate, from traditional white and red varietals and more!

As an independent wine merchant, our goal is to source exceptional wines from our wineries based on an organic grape varieties making them accessible for all customers, and let them hold our wines close to their hearts as the most memorable wines they have ever taste.