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Chateau Oumsiyat Wines

  • Mtein, Mount Lebanon
  • 700K bottles/year
  • 90 Ha

Established for the last 4 generations in winemaking, Bou Sleiman family, very attached to local values perpetuates its expertise and ensures the respect for tradition to the constant qualitative improvement of its wines. Assuming the family torch, Joseph Bou Sleiman continues the work of his father Victor and starts building a new winery in the village of Mtein and expands the wine production.


A great passion of the vine and a remarkable experience in the wine growing let Joseph patiently pupil wine. After several years of experience, "Chateau Oumsiyat" observes light. Branded with the influence of traditions which is the essential creative base for the bandage and adaptation for the product and its future.

The excellent balance between beauty and harmony of the labor of farmers and man-power is guided by the advice of our (oenologists) who claim to lead to better production methods so that these wines acquire their most beautiful soul. Oumsiyat’s aim is balance and harmony, body and Aroma, power and elegance, terroir and Fragrance of the soil. These properties characterize the soul of these wines.