Le Vin Du Marje Red 2016


Deep, classy and rooted - Le Vin Du Marje Red wine is a generous fruity full body wine - It is a delicate mixture of cabernet sauvignon and Syrah grapes. A lively body that abounds all flavors of the south - where it belongs and holds the equilibrium of both fluttering and balanced spirits that connects heaven to earth. This wine senses its soil due to its authentic and fresh pressure and integrated tissues that reveal the character of this vineyard. In appearance the Vin du Marje red has a clearly appropriate red color, brilliant, with no off colors, taste wise it has complex with many detectable aroma : when smelling it you smell the red fruits i.e. raspberries and ripe fruits, its body has a perfect texture and feel in the mouth, it has a good balance in taste and has a smooth and rich after taste, its tannins are well rounded silky and rich with no acidity; so in general it is a very nice red wine.


Fact sheet

  • Type

    Full-bodied Red Wine

  • Alcohol Level


  • Grape Varieties

    Blend, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah

  • Region

    South Lebanon

  • Tannins


  • Vintage


  • Food Pairing

    Red meat - Beef - Pork - Lamb, Strong cheese - Roquefort - Blue cheese

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