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Domaine des Princes Wines

  • Mtein, Mount Lebanon
  • 200K bottles/year
  • 23 Ha

Mtein, once known as “the mother of the Matn villages”, is located between Beirut and Zahle on a rocky hill surrounded by small valleys covered with pines and oaks. Its agricultural activity was mainly concentrated on the plantation of grapes destined for the manufacturing of wines, arak and molasses. At the time of the feudal regime, the prince Mourad Abillamaa chose Mtein as his governing seat and built five palaces around the village square.


This central square, where all festivities were held from the 17th century to the middle of the 19th century was named “Midane el Omara”, which means “the princes’ square”. In spite of the wars that followed, Mtein has managed to keep a large part of its cultural heritage and its traditional know-how. In honour of Midane el Omara and its importance in the history of our village, we registered our wine under the name of “Domaine des Princes.”

Made from grapes of the Bekaa valley and produced in the respect of traditions not far from the village square, our wines are characterised by the diversity of their cultivars and their wide range of expressions. Fresh and unctuous, these wines of strong character are appreciated in their first years and should get finer with age. Our vinification methods, conducted according to the international norms, combine tradition with recent innovative techniques. They are carried out with utmost care and a solid determination to raise the wine quality ever higher.