Ashtarout apple arak 750ml

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The new and bold take on the traditional and folkloric drink that we love.
The handpicked apples are drenched by the summer sun and winter snow.
Going into the triple distillation process, the apples are washed, crushed and pressed and left to ferment for many weeks. Once the magic potion is ready, the apples and their juices are put in the 'Karkeh' pot still to undergo the first distillation, the product at this point is raw alcohol, which cannot be drunk.
The second distillation, which is crucial to the process, happens after the drawn alcohol has rested, and it is when our green Lebanese Anise goes into the mix,this process is aided by a steady flow of cold water. Third distillation is a repeat of the second process and is done to raise the alcohol by volume level to 53 %. The alcohol is then matured and rested well before it is bottled, to be enjoyed by the consumer, thus serving you high quality Arak free of impurities.

Tasting notes: An extra milky white color to set the tone for this tasty experience, using the traditional 1/3 Arak and 2/3 water formula is the best way to enjoy and appreciate any Arak. Add ice cubes and set your palette up for an earthy aftertaste.
The combination of Starking, Granny smith, golden and double red apples will invade your senses and make a statement, the sweet flavor profile of the apples will redefine what you thought of traditional Arak taste, and the fresh green Anise will balance out your tingling taste buds and make it taste like home. Any avid Arak drinker would enjoy it, and any first time Arak drinker will be hooked!

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