Eat Like Nicole's Light & Easy Recipes: SANGRIA
Sangria means blood in Spanish in reference to the red wine used Early Greeks and Romans would prepare a cocktail known as “hippocras” mixing their wine with sugar and spices.
They used to drink it everywhere because water was bacteria-filled and unsafe to drink.
A touch of alcohol made the liquid drinkable, and mixing the watered-down wine gave it flavor. This later gave birth to mulled wine and sangria.


3 ounces Rose Wine
3 ounces White Apple Wine
1 ounce Orange Liqueur
2 ounces Sparkling Water
3 Diced Apples
Dried Oranges


Method of Preparation:
Start by serving the rose, white apple wine and orange liqueur in a pitcher.

Add the sparkling water and stir.
Toss in the diced apples and dried oranges.
Serve with ice cubes and enjoy !


Remember to drink in moderation:
1 glass per day for women > 18 years old
2 glasses per day for men > 18 years old

Drink Responsibly

October 22, 2021