A Falafel Delight: Discovering the Perfect Post-Digestive Drink

As we celebrate International Falafel Day, food enthusiasts and falafel lovers are eagerly preparing to honor this iconic Middle Eastern delicacy.

Falafel, with its irresistible flavors and crispy texture, rightfully steals the spotlight. However, let us not overlook the essential role of a well-chosen beverage to accompany this treat.

Whether you’re enjoying falafel at your favorite local joint or trying your hand at crafting homemade falafel, the right drink has the power to elevate the entire experience.

In this blog post, we embark on a journey through the realm of post-falafel drinks, seeking out the perfect match to harmonize with the flavors of the delightful falafel.

And what better way to pay homage to falafel’s Lebanese heritage than by exploring some exceptional Lebanese alcohol options as digestive drinks?

Together, we’ll delve into the diverse Lebanese alcohol scene, unveiling a selection of Lebanese bottles that flawlessly complement falafel.

Get ready to embark on a flavorful adventure, satisfying your taste buds and celebrating International Falafel day in style, all while savoring the perfect drink in hand.


Château Nakad Misk Mastiha Liqueur

Château Nakad Misk Mastiha Liqueur is the ideal companion for falafel enthusiasts seeking a delightful beverage pairing. This Oriential rendition of Mastiha liqueur captures the essence of the best Mastiha grains from the Greek island of Chios. The expertly crafted blend of Mastiha and alcohol strikes a perfect balance, resulting in a beverage that exudes elegance and finesse.

Whether enjoyed with crushed ice, mixed into a refreshing cocktail, or savored as a post-meal digestive, this liqueur promises to enhance the falafel experience.

Serve it chilled to fully appreciate the flavors and unique charm of this bottle.


Batroun Mountains Katy’s Brandy family reserve

Batroun Mountains Katy’s Brandy family reserve, crafted with utmost care, is a 100% natural indulgence that promises to complement your falafel dish. This exceptional brandy is meticulously created by hand-selecting the finest Grape Spirit, which undergoes a triple distillation process in-house. Aged for a remarkable 10 years in small new French oak barrels, this brandy exudes unparalleled richness and depth. With its intricate flavors and velvety smoothness, Batroun Mountains Katy’s Brandy family reserve is the perfect choice to accompany your falafel. Delight in the perfect combination of flavors and appreciate the artistry behind this remarkable drink.


Batroun Mountains lemon liqueur Citronello

Experience the zesty delight of Batroun Mountains lemon liqueur, Citronello. Crafted from fresh lemon peels and zests, macerated in-house triple-distilled grape spirit, and sweetened with partially caramelized sugar. This 100% natural liqueur brings a burst of refreshing citrus flavor without any artificial colors or flavors. Indulge in its beautiful taste as a post-falafel digestive drink or mix it into a cocktail. Serve it chilled and let the vibrant flavors of Batroun Mountains Citronello perfectly complement the crispy falafel.


Chateau Ksara Eau de Vie

Indulge in the exquisite Château Ksara Eau de Vie, a white wine distilled twice using traditional copper pot stills. This exceptional spirit is then matured for nine years in new oak barrels from Limousin, resulting in a refined and velvety drink. Savor the blend of flavors as you sip this captivating Eau de Vie alongside your falafel delicacy, allowing its rich and complex notes to complement the dish and elevate your post-falafel experience.


Batroun Mountains l’esprit d’amour liqueur

Batroun Mountains l’esprit d’amour liqueur enchants with its exquisite blend of flavors. Crafted from grape spirits aged in oak barrels for thirteen years and infused with fresh wild tropical oranges, this drink offers a subtle and distinct taste.

Whether enjoyed straight, on ice, or mixed into refreshing cocktails, its versatility knows no bounds. Immerse yourself in the delicate and enticing flavors of this delicious beverage as you savor the post-falafel experience.

Let the Batroun Mountains l’esprit d’amour liqueur transport your taste buds to new heights of enjoyment post-falafel.


Le Vin du Marje gluten free Limoncello

Introducing Le Vin du Marje gluten-free Limoncello, the newest sensation from Marjeyoun.

Jdeida Rocks, as it is fondly known, is a lemon liqueur that embodies the spirit of Marjeyoun. Crafted with pride, this fluten-free marvel is carefully blended from the finest local ingredients.

With a 100% all-natural composition, it contains no artificial coloring or flavorings. The combination of water, gluten-free vodka, sugar, and lemon and lime peels creates a refreshing and authentic taste.

Proudly produced in Lebanon, this exceptional drink is best enjoyed chilled.

Let Le Vin du Marje gluten-free Limoncello elevate your falafel experience and celebrate the essence of Marjeyoun!


Zaatar Liqueur

Savor the exquisite Zaatar Liqueur by the Good Thymes, crafted by hand to capture the essence of a unique terroir. This drink embodies a perfect balance of freshness and minerality, offering a delightful aroma that transports you to the heart of the Lebanese lush highlands. Perfect as a post-falafel digestive as its flavors are a beautiful blend of spices and gentle bitterness, complemented by a refreshing and smooth character. The Zaatar Liqueur could easily be your go-to choice for enhancing the enjoyment of falafel, providing a harmonious pairing.  


Paolina Mandarino

The Paolina Mandarino is a handcrafted liqueur that is crafted with love.

This exceptional drink is created by infusing and blending mandarin peels with a carefully selected combination of herbs and spices, resulting in a truly unique flavor profile. As a product of Lebanon, it proudly boasts 100% natural ingredients, ensuring a pure and authentic drinking experience.

The taste is a beautiful combination of mandarin and aromatic infusion of herbs and spices making it the ideal liqueur to transport you to a world of flavors and elevate your falafel enjoyment to new levels.


Chateau Nakad Afandello

 Chateau Nakad Afandello is a unique citrus liqueur and artisanal Limoncello. Created in 2012 using citrus peel, it offers a special taste that is the purest expression of fruit and nature. With its fresh, sweet, and fruity character, Afandello is an ideal choice for a post-falafel digestive drink. Whether enjoyed alone with crushed ice, or in a cocktail, this is the perfect complement to your falafel meal as it provides a burst of vibrant flavors.


Paolina Limoncello

The Paolina Limoncello is a sweet, bright, and cheerful liqueur. Derived from the finest Lebanese organic lemon trees, Paolina Limoncello is crafted with pure love, using only the highest quality natural ingredients. This wonderful drink serves as a perfect digestive drink to accompany your falafel meal. With its uplifting taste and refreshing qualities, Paolina Limoncello adds a touch of joy and enhances your overall experience.  


In conclusion, the world of post-falafel digestive drinks offer a delightful array of options to enhance your experience. They all add a touch of sophistication and enjoyment to your meal so make sure to try these beautiful pairings.

Let your taste buds rejoice in the harmonious union of flavors and celebrate the rich culinary heritage of Lebanon.

June 13, 2023