Baalbeck, a city with tales as old as time, holds a rich and complex history that is worthy of celebration and recognition

Baalbeck, a city with tales as old as time, holds a rich and complex history that is worthy of celebration and recognition. The city’s peculiar environment allows for captivating wines to be developed.

Paying tribute to the cultural depth of the anciently called “Sun City”, Chateau Trois Collines is committed to elevating the experience of Lebanese wine by taking a modern, sustainable and innovative approach to wine making.

Whether it’s the care for the ample land, the dedication to refined viniculture or the honoring of Lebanese heritage, Chateau Trois Collines has proven to be a winery worthy of trial.

In this blog post, we will praise the wonderful essence of Baalbeck and the sophisticated craftsmanship at Chateau Trois Collines.


How it all started…

As you ascend the gentle slopes of Aïn Bourdaï, a hidden gem reveals itself amidst the ancient land. Three majestic hills stand tall, their contours a symphony of undulating beauty. With every step, you can feel the allure of the vineyards as they unfold before your eyes.

Bathed in the golden sunlight, the tantalizing landscape of the three Aïn Bourdaï hills deepens the admiration of Lebanese wine lovers for local craftsmanship. The gentle sight of grapes nurtures the mind and soul and entices onlookers to relish in the juices of the fruit.

Located only 5 kilometers away from the historical temple of Bacchus, Greek god of wine and festivities, the three hills are blessed with the spirit of celebrations, euphoria and wine.

Amidst the whispers of Bacchus and the ancient temple, Chateau Trois Collines has carved a sanctuary of taste and tranquility, inviting you to indulge in the fruits of their labor and experience the magic that lies within each bottle.

Capturing the marvelous historical capital accumulated from years and years ago, this spacious vineyard, nestled in the hills of Baalbeck, blooms with appreciation for the past and hope for the future.


Uplifting the forgotten lands


Transforming the land from a rugged and barren rock quarry to a heavenly winery where wines are pressed, preserved and bottled, the rehabilitated land of Dahr EL Baidar witnessed a grandiose metamorphosis.

Standing as a manifestation of a passionate man’s willpower to give back to Lebanon, this region will soon become the public site of the Chateau. The opening of the castle creates an irresistible allure that cannot be missed by wine enthusiasts.    


Unveiling Baalbeck's majestic terroir


Spanning 45 hectares of vineyards perched at 1,600 meters above sea level showcase the grandeur of the Lebanese Sun City, this terroir stands as testament to the region’s extraordinary nature. Limestone soil, steep slopes, and impeccable drainage embrace an impressive array of 14 grape varietals, weaving a tapestry of exceptional wines.

In this realm where terroir meets artistry, Chateau Trois Collines thrives. Their wines bear the imprint of the land, the meticulous craftsmanship of the vintners, and the enchantment of Baalbek.


Unmatched singularity


Chateau Trois Collines takes pride in their commitment to producing exquisite wine while still maintaining and embracing their sustainable practices, which happens to be one of their main assets that sets them apart from other wineries.


1- Organic excellence:

In the majestic embrace of Baalbeck, Château Trois Collines cultivates a legacy of organic winemaking. With meticulous attention to detail, Château Trois Collines tends to every aspect of their agricultural practices, from nurturing the soil to managing pests.

The unwavering commitment to environmentally friendly methods is at the heart of their philosophy, ensuring the vines' health and vitality while preserving the pristine beauty of Baalbeck.


2- Modern sustainability:


As a way to honor the natural resources of Sun City Baalbeck, Château Trois Collines solely rely on solar panels to generate and produce energy for the proliferation of the viniculture.

Chateau Trois Collines are also committed to using water wisely and carefully. Only when needed, through an installed system of three wells the winery pumps water into their vineyards to insure that each vine is receiving its optimal hydration for growth and fruit development.


3- Exceptional grape selection:


At Château Trois Collines, they strongly believe that great wines start with exceptional grapes. To get the most exquisite Lebanese essence out of their wines, they meticulously choose the highest quality grape plants from the finest nurseries.

By choosing the finest varieties that are best suited for their unique terroir, the winery is setting the stage for the creation of wines that embody elegance, complexity, and a distinct sense of place.


4- Estate-Grown superiority:


To maintain complete control over the winemaking process and uphold the standards of quality, Chateau Trois Collines exclusively grow their grapes on their estate Aïn Bourdaï.

This meticulous approach allows them to carefully monitor over 120,000 individual vines, ensuring that each one receives the attention and care it deserves throughout its journey to maturity.


5- Precision Harvesting:


The moment of grape harvest is crucial in capturing the essence of the vineyard and achieving optimal flavor development. At Château Trois Collines, the grapes are handpicked at their perfect ripeness, ensuring that they are harvested at the peak of their flavor potential. To preserve their freshness, they are immediately transported using refrigerated trucks, maintaining their quality and integrity until they reach the winery.


6-Grape Varieties:

At Château Trois Collines, it is essential to push the boundaries of winemaking, explore new possibilities and create unique flavor profiles that celebrate the essence of our Lebanese terroir. Their choice of grape varieties is not driven by convention alone but rather by a deep understanding of the potential lying within certain lesser-known varieties yet to grace Lebanese soils.

While many other wineries are focusing on reviving traditional Lebanese varietals like Obeidy, Merwah, and Meksess in their white wines, Chateau Trois Collines have taken a different path. Their vision is rooted in the exploration of untapped varieties that have yet to fully express their character within our unique terroir.

Join Chateau Trois Collines in their mission to celebrate the local Baalbeck culture and nature by rejoicing in the phenomenal wines of their Aïn Bourdaï vineyard.


July 11, 2023