Pinot Gris!
One grape; two sensations 
Lebanon’s beautiful landscapes and climate allow for it to be home to amazing vineyards and wineries. With this, the country has witnessed the introduction of wine makers that have clearly made their mark on people’s hearts.
One place known for its superb wine-making would be Zahlé that offers an abundance of reds, whites and rosés that people relish in all year-round. There are many majestic Lebanese vinos made from remarkable grapes including the Pinot Gris.

Pinot Gris is befitting for all wine lovers. It is compelling to all taste buds and satisfactory to all cravings.  

The essence of this wine is that it comes in two forms; sweet and dry. Having mastered the art of creating both from a single white grape, the Pinot Gris is truly unique and special.

This ability relies on the fermentation process. The sweet wine requires a shorter process thus retaining residual sugar and the dry one entails a longer one resulting in less sugar.  

To offer you a guide to an exquisite-feeling palate, here is what we simply recommend: If you’re seeking a honeyed, floral taste then you should aim for the sweet Pinot Gris. Whereas if your taste buds are looking to be nicely refreshed and beautifully attacked then the dry Pinot Gris is definitely the way to go.

Chateau Khoury
Chateau Khoury

Take your pick depending on your mood but it is guaranteed that won’t be disappointed either way. Pop open your favorite bottle from Chateau Khoury coming to you straight from the lovely city of Zahlé.

PS: Pinot Gris is splendidly paired well with Lebanese Food.



May 19, 2022