Elevating Tradition with the Zaatar Liqueur by Good Thymes

Lebanon, a land steeped in rich culinary traditions and known for its vibrant flavors, has given birth to a variety of exceptional alcoholic beverages. Among these treasures is the Zaatar Liqueur by Good Thymes, a brand deeply rooted in the love of the herb, the preservation of the land, and the drive to promote rural development. This article sets the stage for an exploration of the unique and captivating Zaatar Liqueur, which encapsulates the essence of Lebanon’s flavors and the passion of Good Thymes.

Lebanon, a country renowned for its culinary heritage, boasts a distinct blend of Middle Eastern and Mediterranean influences. At the heart of Lebanese cuisine lies Zaatar, an aromatic herb cherished for its earthy, herbal notes, and enjoyed in traditional dishes and spreads. This herb has become an integral part of the country’s cultural identity.

In recent years, the country has witnesses the rise of wineries, craft breweries, and distilleries, reflecting its commitment to innovation and quality in the world of spirits. It is within this vibrant landscape of Lebanese flavors and traditions that the Good Thymes brand emerged.

About The Good Thymes:

Founded by Fady Aziz, The Good Thymes revolutionized thyme by infusing it into a range of products, capturing the herb’s distinctive savory taste and integrating it into everyday life. With a focus on ethical production and the empowerment of rural communities, Good Thymes quickly became a beacon of sustainable and responsible business practices.

Now, The Good Thymes presents the Zaatar Liqueur, an embodiment of Lebanon’s love for flavors, its commitment to the land, and the versatility of Zaatar. Crafted by hand and reflecting the passion of the brand, this exquisite liqueur takes the essence of Zaatar to new heights, offering a unique and captivating taste experience that showcases the true spirit of Lebanon.

The Good Thymes presents an Ode to Lebanon

Lebanon is a culinary haven that entices both local and travelers alike. Its diverse and vibrant gastronomic landscape is reveredworldwide.

From the bustling streets of Beirut to the charming villages dotting the countryside, Lebanon’s cuisine is a delightful fusion of ancient traditions and contemporary influences. It is a symphony of flavors, colors, and textures that captivate the senses and leave a lasting impression.

At the heart of Lebanon’s culinary identity lies a deep appreciation for fresh, locally sourced ingredients. Among these treasured ingredients is Zaatar, a herb that holds a special place in the hearts and palates of the Lebanese people.

A tribute to tradition, innovation, and the enduring love for Zaatar

Zaatar embodies the essence of Lebanon’s culinary heritage. It is a symbol of warmth, hospitality, and the timeless connection between the land its people. Whether sprinkled over warm bread with olive oil, mixed into spreads, or infused into traditional dishes, Zaatar brings a unique and unmistakable flavor that instantly transports you to the heart of the country.

It is within this realm that the Good Thymes brand flourishes. Driven by a deep-rooted love for the land and a commitment to sustainability, the brand embraces the spirit of Lebanon’s traditions. Their journey began with a vision to elevate thyme into a versatile ingredient for everyday life. The Zaatar Liqueur particularly is a testament to their dedication, crafted with meticulous care to embody Lebanon’s favlors, The Good Thymes’ passion, and Zaatar’s heritage. With each sip, experience the warmth of Lebanese hospitality, the richness of history, and the vibrant flavors that define this land.

Composition and Process:

At the heart of the Zaatar Liqueur lies the finest quality Zaatar shrubs. These carefully selected shrubs are used to infuse grain-based alcohol, allowing the flavors to develop slowly and harmoniously. The result is a flavorful liqueur that captures the essence of Zaatar is every sip.

Terroir: Capturing Lebanon’s Essence:

The Zaatar used in this liqueur is sourced from The Good Thymes farm located in the Jezzine region, specifically the village of Kfarhouna. The unique terroir of this region, characterized by clay and limestone-rich soil, imparts a distinct minerality to the Zaatar. This translates into a special flavor profile that showcases Lebanon’s natural bounty and its connection to the land.

Furthermore, the climate in the Jezzine region plays a vital role in shaping the Zaatar’s character. The hot and dry days, coupled with cool and humid nights, create the ideal conditions for the growth of Zaatar. These temperature variations contribute to the freshness and vibrant flavors found in the liqueur.

Flavor Notes: A Journey for the Senses:

When experiencing the Zaatar Liqueur, one embarks on a sensory journey. On the nose, the liqueur emanates a rich and green wild aroma, reminiscent of the vast fields of Zaatar. The strong and evident presence of wild Zaatar transports you to the heart of Lebanon’s aromatic landscapes.

On the palate, the liqueur offers exceptional freshness and a harmonious minerality. Notes of spices, creating a well-rounded and satisfying taste profile, complement the smoothness and ease of drinking. The subtle bitterness of the green Zaatar adds complexity and depth, providing a savory experience that pays homage to Lebanon’s culinary traditions.

Exploring Versatility with Serving:

The Zaatar Liqueur presents a range of serving possibilities allowing you to savor its unique flavors in various ways:

- Chilled as an aperitif or digestif in a shot: this allows for a focused and intense tasting experience highlighting the liqueur’s crispness and aromatic qualities.
- A delightful addition to white alcohol cocktails: Elevate your favorite white alcohol cocktails such as gin or vodka-based drinks, by incorporating the Zaatar liqueur that perfectly complements and enhances the overall taste.
- Pairing with sparkling dry wine: For a sophisticated and refined experience, indulge in the Zaatar Liqueur and top it off with a dry prosecco or sparkling Lebanese wine.
- On the rocks with soda: For a refreshing and easy-to-enjoy option, serve the Zaatar Liqueur over ice and mix it with soda.


Limited Annual Production:

The Good Thymes takes great pride in its meticulous production process, as a result, the Zaatar Liqueur is produced in limited quantities. With an annual production of 3000 bottles, each one is crafted with the utmost care and attention to detail. This limited availability ensures that every bottle of Zaatar Liqueur is a rare and cherished experience.

The Zaatar Liqueur by Good Thymes:

The Zaatar Liqueur by The Good Thymes encapsulates the essence of Lebanon’s terroir, bringing to life the rich flavors and unique qualities of Zaatar from the Jezzine region. Crafted by hand with utmost dedication to quality, this exquisite liqueur takes you on a sensory journey through the mountains of Lebanon’s highlands. Whether enjoyed as a refined digestif, a vibrant addition to cocktails, or in creative culinary concoctions, the Zaatar Liqueur promises a beautiful experience that celebrates the country’s flavors and traditions.

Indulge in this limited-production liqueur and discover the harmonious blend of freshness, minerality, and spices that make it truly exceptional.

May 19, 2023