Pinot Noir: The ultimate holiday wine
Pinot Noir has developed a huge fan base among avid wine lovers. In fact, beside it being one of the oldest grapes ever, it is also one of the most planted grapes in the world today.
Pinot Noir, literally translating to “black pine”, was named after the pinecone shape of the grape bunches. It originated in Burgundy, France but is now harvested in many countries around the world (that have the right climate) including our very own Lebanon! Indeed, many wineries produce Pinot Noir: in Batroun, in the Beqaa Valley, in Mount Lebanon and in Bhamdoun for instance.
It is a key variety in the wine world and is very versatile as a grape. While people tend to know the Pinot Noir to make the great reds, it is important to note that it also makes for delicious Rosé when the grapes are less ripe creating a fresh and crisp drink. It also has a lighter body, making it enjoyable for white wine lovers as well. Really, it has the ability to satisfy every and all wine drinkers!
Pinot Noir, due to its acidity, is perfect to pair with foods such as Turkey. This is what makes it the ultimate holiday wine as it flawlessly compliments Christmas dishes. It wonderfully mingles with the savory flavors of the bird and easily enhances our bites.
This holiday season, while you celebrate the festive occasions, have your taste buds celebrate the delicacies of such a pairing! Here’s a list of Pinot Noir wines or Christmas packsyou can purchase from our website to complete your dinner preparations:
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Enjoy your feast!
December 13, 2022