Sept Winery: Going Back to the Roots Maher Harb is a young winemaker who often finds himself being a listener of the universe’s hidden stories. Sept is his personal story, a story of passion, a dream he’s had since he was a child. Becoming winemaker is an homage to his father, his land in the small village of Nahla is his father’s, even the name “Sept” is an homage to the common numerology number he shares with his father.
To truly understand Sept Winery, you have to understand the philosophy behind it.

Maher is a self-taught winemaker, he learns about wine through his travels, his feelings and his gut. He is not preoccupied with the technicalities behind the process, he is more interested in finding the best possible ways to express the identity of his terroir.
How does he do that you ask? Simple, Biodynamics.
Believing in the power of biodynamics is believing in the connection of a winemaker with his land. It is the deep understanding of the influences of the universe’s forces that express themselves through the movement of the earth, the lunar cycles, the sun and the plants. When you understand the harmony of how things work, you understand your vines, you understand your grapes, and you express who they are in the most authentic way possible, through the most authentic wine possible.

This is what you feel when tasting his exceptional Merweh: it is truly a genuine expression of the Lebanese mountains. The vines have been there for centuries, planted by Maher’s ancestors: They survived wars, illnesses, seasons and time; and Maher wouldn’t change them for the world.
He feels very fortunate to have found them, in their own natural environment, growing, living without anything other than the universe’s natural forces. If he intervenes, he’ll change their habits, change who they are, and lose their identity- That’s exactly why he won’t, and his Merweh is unique because of it.

Maher’s higher aim is to always work in harmony with nature, and it’s something that he does delicately well. Sept’s wines are all-natural terroir wines, bold and in-sync with the universe’s ways...
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April 19, 2021