Women in the Lebanese Wine Industry

We love the month of March because it's all about celebrating women! Celebrating their beauty, their strength, their power and their light.

With that mind, we wanted to shed light on the powerful women behind our favorite Lebanese wines by asking them this simple question:

How does your personal touch translate into your wines?

Here is what they had to say: 

EVA NAIM - Chateau Qanafar
Partner and Sales & Marketing Manager
"Well for one, I have a bottle named after me: Eva, Le Viognier de Qanafar, just kidding.
I believe that every wine has a story and this story is about the people behind the wine. My brother is the wine-maker and I am the wine-seller. I love my brother's wines and when I sell the wine, I sell with passion and love. Wine brings people together and for me, real humanity is all about living life to the fullest and enjoying every sip of it! Our wines reflect this. My personal touch is about sharing our passion, wine, to the people, creating long-term friendship, uniting people and most of all, putting a smile on someone's face. Where would we be if we forget about our humanity?"

 - Latourba
Co-Founder, Partner & General Manager
"Latourba is my baby, I strive to make her brilliant in every way and closely follow every detail regarding PR, social media, marketing and others..."

 - Clos du Phoenix
Owner & General Manager
"I think that my personal touch reflects the happiness, the excellence of the wines and the team work."

 - Les Vignes du Marje
Founder & Managing Partner
"Grapes, as well as wine, are needy babies that need LOVE, PASSION and ATTENTION to grow, mature and bear fruits. My wines are the mirror of my soul."

 - Aurora Winery & Vineyards
Managing Director
"My personal touch appears in our brand language. Since I have been known to be the face and words of Aurora, I would say our voice is trustworthy, approachable, and warm. I always strived to reach our customers and build a solid relationship with them in this manner."

 - Cave Kouroum
General Manager
"As the daughter of the founder of the winery, I aspire to hold true to the roots set by my father, strong powerful wines; however as a woman I look for more nuances, strong wines but with hints of subtleties."

 - Chateau Cana
Managing Partner
"For me, wine isn't just a product. It's a holistic experience through which we touch people's lives on different occasions. Wine brings to people what we bring to it: Care, joy, excitement, boldness, passion, hope and inspiration."

 - Chateau Oumsiyat
Owner & Development Manager
"Wine production is thousands of years old, is culturally significant around the world, and represents a multi-billion dollar global industry. However, the wine industry has historically been dominated by men. As such, little is known about how many women actually work in the industry, nor what roles they might play.
Enophiles describe wines as either “feminine” or “masculine”. Wine itself has many feminine qualities. It is soft, elegant, charming and seductive. It shows finesse, pleasure and it needs great care and attention.
As passionate as I am, my contribution in this business isn’t limited to winemaking but to expend marketing as a critical role directly related to vision, mission, strategy, assembly and sales of wine products.
Also, I focused on introducing specialist skills and expertise that increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the firm.
Finally and most importantly, “my obsession and ultimate goal” is our strategies and future plan to get the name of Lebanon between the international wine producers and to see Lebanese wine having a significant strong impact and international reputation."

"We are a boutique winery. Everyone does everything!"
"I have two equally important occupations in my life: wine and health therapy.
In my work as a health therapist, I am always working with my clients to bring the best out of them by constantly listening to their mind and body. Because, after all, change is our only constant.
I apply the same approach to wine. A wine is never made and done. You should always strive to make a better version by closely observing nature and applying what it has to teach us."

 - Batroun Mountains
Market Development
"At Batroun Mountains our personal touch translates into our wines through the driving force that initiated this family project, in developing a close relationship with nature, from the soil in the ground to the little blooming on the vines in spring and building on experience throughout the artistic creation of an honest organic wine itself, that driving force in what we call PASSION."

 - Chateau St. Thomas
Founders & Co-Owners

"Never underestimate the power of Women, we didn't"


 - Umami Wine


"I believe that everything takes place according to the Mother Nature, with less interventions i have been producing the Umami wines since 2016...
Can you separate an art from its artist?"
March 10, 2021