Chateau Cana Jardin Secret 2014 75cl

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Chateau Cana Jardin Secret’s unique bouquet can be attributed to its 100% tenor in a traditional Lebanese grape ‘Sabbaghieh’. Grown in villagers’ gardens, ‘Sabbaghieh’ grapes deliver a wine that is dense and deep, offering the specific taste of sunny grapes.

Aging: 6 months in used oak

Sobbaghieh (from the word "sabgha" meaning dye or stain) is a native Lebanese grape. It belongs, in fact, to the varieties of grapes that are characterized by their special flesh and juice that are both red in color, unlike other types of red grapes. This is due to the presence of anthocyanin pigments within the pulp of the grape itself and gives wines a higher level of tannins.


Behind this dense crimson red grape lies a story that travels back to our ancestors' days. In the villages nested in the mountains of Lebanon, Sobbaghieh was mainly used to dye vinegar. As the years went by and old traditions were forgotten, so was the Sobbaghieh. That is, until, Fadi Gerges, founder and owner of Château Cana, decided otherwise; everything Mother Nature has to offer is a gift. Therefore, Fadi who was always an explorer at heart, decided to experiment with the Sobbaghieh grapes and use them to make wine.


Today, we are proud to say that Chateau Cana is the only winery in Lebanon that uses "Sobbaghieh" to create this flagship bottle: "Jardin Secret". After several months of vinification, this wine is aged in used oak barrels for an additional 6 months. Jardin Secret is a wine that is dense and deep, offering the specific taste of sunny grapes and a subtle after taste of sweet spices.

Fact sheet

  • Type

    Full-bodied Red Wine

  • Alcohol Level


  • Grape Varieties

    Sabbaghieh, Single Varietal

  • Region

    Mount Lebanon

  • Tannins


  • Vintage


  • Food Pairing

    Red meat - Beef - Pork - Lamb, Strong cheese - Roquefort - Blue cheese

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