Domaine des Tourelles Arak Brun Classic

Winery/Distillery Domaine des Tourelles
Alcohol Level High
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Winery/Distillery Domaine des Tourelles
Alcohol Level High

Description and tasting notes

Arak Brun by Domaine des Tourelles is a delightful drink that will perfectly match all your Mediterranean dishes and much more. It is obtained from a traditional three-stage distillation in artisan copper alembics, before being aged for a minimum of 12 months in traditional clay jars. Arak Brun will become your favorite aperitif and an outstanding ingredient for your drinks’ cocktails.

About Domaine des Tourelles Wines

12 Items on 209 Lebanese Wine
Located in Bekaa Valley
Land size: 50 Ha
Number of bottles produced per year: 600,000 wine and 400,000 arak

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