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About Couvent Rouge

  • Couvent Rouge was established in 2010, as a complement to the “Coteaux d’Heliopolis” cooperative project. Founded in 1999, the cooperative’s purpose was to replace illicit cannabis plantations with noble vine grapes plantations; offering therefore the possibility for the farmers to settle down in their native village. 

  • Today, the Fairtrade certified cooperative gathers more than 200 farmers, with bio-certified vineyards, spreading on over 240Ha. Instead of selling raw materials to different Lebanese wine producers, two young and dynamic farmers, adherent to the cooperative, decided to give birth to the village’s wine by establishing  Couvent Rouge, a modern and sophisticated winery that bears the name of its village.

  • Today, Couvent Rouge produces 3 different wines: Al Dayaa, the first Lebanese wine to address the consumer in Arabic. Coteaux Les Cedres, the first Fairtrade certified Lebanese wine.

    Couvent Rouge, the private selection.

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