Karam Jezzignac – 15 Years

$60.00 USD

This grape-based Eau de Vie is named after the Jezzignac area which is situated at mountain tops on the east ridge of the town of Jezzine.

Grape based Eau de Vie Meksassi, Hifawi & Vaitamouni Jezzine, Southern Lebanon
Triple distilled using copper alembic stills 15 years between oak barrels and glass jars
Best served as a digestif

The indigenous grape varieties of Meksassi, Hifawi and Vaitamouni are the essence of this grape-based Eau de Vie. Fulfilling the 3,000-year-old tradition of distilling, this refined drink reflects the aromas and flavors of the impressive Jezzignac terroir.
Triple-distillation using fresh Jezzine Spring Water coupled with ageing in oak barrels gives this drink its purity, aromas and diverse tastes.
The maturity process does not stop in oak barrels but continues into glass jars for the required period mentioned on the bottle. On the nose, it displays the aromas of smoked wood, dried almonds and walnuts with a hint of marmalade and vanilla. The silky sensation upon tasting is derived from the long ageing process.

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