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Winery/Distillery Malak beer
Food Pairing
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Winery/Distillery Malak beer
Food Pairing

Description and tasting notes

Malak stout beer is a dark, heavy - bodied creamy beer with a unique balance between roast malt sweetness and slight hop bitterness, with a complex and flavourful character, the dark malts impart notes of caramel, chocolate, coffe, and dried fruits.

33 CL 6.4% ABV
Brought to you by the creators of the award-winning "The Three Brothers Bathtub Gin," we proudly present Malak Beer. Established in 2022, the Malak Brewing Company, an independent brewery located in Northern Lebanon, has been brewing with an unwavering commitment to both quality and community. Our ethos revolves around four pillars: flavor, provenance, consistency, and quality. We take pride in our unfiltered beer selection, which elevates the flavor and aroma for an exceptional drinking experience. Moreover, Malak Beer derives its name from the cherished family name of the Three Brothers, the MALAKs. This name isn't just a label; it's a heartfelt tribute to the Malak family. Each bottle of Malak Beer contains a distinctive character that pays homage to a family member, encompassing the Three Brothers, their father, and their mother.

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