RAW Dry gin Green Label

Winery/Distillery RAW
Alcohol Level High
Vegan Yes
Food Pairing
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Winery/Distillery RAW
Alcohol Level High
Vegan Yes
Food Pairing

Description and tasting notes

Raw is a premium sipping gin that is made through a complex process of separate grain alcohol distillation and single distillation of the aforementioned botanicals.
The botanicals’ extracts are formulated and then mixed with the grain alcohol to create the Raw gin.

Botanicals: Juniper, Grain de Paradis, Coriander, Yuzu, Angelica roots, Orris Roots, Galagal.
Key Flavour: Pepper, Citrus, Licorice
Nose: Zesty fresh ground pepper
Palate: Well balanced juniper/pepper accord freshened with hints of licorice
Finish: Long & lingering, with a complexity of roots base note.

We come into this world without a suit, without a cover or a mask and without learned manners, we come simply raw. And, this is how we should live: true! RAW belongs to nature, the mother of all that we often forget and under- appreciate. RAW represents all life’s fragile, sensitive and naked forms.
This gin was created (crafted) with those very values in mind to celebrate the re-birth of each of ourselves. Raw is sensitive and organic, spirited and intricate, which makes it perfect for sipping in its naked form.
And finally, don’t forget to drink responsibly.
Mediterranean • Sipping Gin • Handpicked Botanicals • Sustainable • Artisanal"