Batroun: a City of Wines Rich in Taste and Lebanese Excellence

As far as summer goes, Batroun has become the hottest hub for tourism in Lebanon! The rich atmosphere cannot be missed, amidst the vibrant landscapes and exciting nature. Whether you’re up the mountains or peeking over the sea, Batroun is the perfect place to enjoy your favorite glass of wine

It is well known that Batroun boasts an extensive array of wineries, offering a delightful abundance of choices for wine enthusiasts. This is due to its Mediterranean climate, which creates favorable conditions for grape cultivation. 

Some of Batroun’s wineries, such as Batroun Mountains, Atibaia, Clos du Phoenix, Sept, Aurora, and IXSIR, are unique in the way they craft their wines as they mirror the essence of the region’s rich history and natural beauty. 

In this blog post, we will discuss the uniqueness of these wineries and how this is projected through their wines. 

Thoughtful Wine Crafting: Batroun Mountains

A family-run winery, Batroun Mountains is committed to creating organic wines that represent the Hark family’s beliefs. Although Batroun has a suitable climate for grapes, the rocky terrain located at an altitude of 1400m above sea level makes it challenging for the Hark family to cultivate the fruit. Yet it is this challenge that makes the grapes of exceptional quality. 

"Frizzante sparkling rose wine 2022" is one of Batroun Mountains’ finest creations. Not only does it highlight the fresh acidic taste of the Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah grapes, which gives the drink a fine roundness due to the array of red fruits like strawberry and raspberry cream, but it also showcases the heartfelt care, value, and unique touch that each family member collectively infuse in it.

Everything is in the Details: Atibaia

From the very beginning, starting with setting up the vineyards, then remodeling the cellar, and growing the vines, to the smallest of details, such as the selection of premium corks to seal the bottle, Atibaia is created with unwavering attention to detail, which explains its commitment to making just one type of red wine in limited amounts. 

Atibaia’s winery is found on land covered with soil full of minerals and exposed to morning sunlight, which in turn enhances the cultivation of grapes. There’s also a historical dynamic to the place as it is surrounded by a historic home that was converted into a cellar in 2007. 

Made of a uniquely rare combination of Syrah and Petit Verdot, "Sasha’s Blend 2016" is one of Atibaia’s best wines due to its intense ruby color and captivating flavors. The Petit Verdot has freshness and a spicy side, while the Syrah has a nose of ripe fruits, mushrooms, and a touch of velvet. Sasha’s Blend’s mouth is rounded and the tannins are smooth. Such a wine, accompanied by soft cheese and meats, makes a wonderful combination that can be enjoyed in the company of friends. 

Capturing the Essence of France’s Winemaking Traditions in Lebanon: Clos du Phoenix

Due to the winery’s unique location and soil; a combination of clay and limestone, the Clos du Phoenix wine is highly regarded in the Batroun region, especially due to its organic growth. Influenced by French methods of viniculture, the manual harvesting and winemaking techniques blend Lebanese traditions with a foreign touch.  

"Clos du Phoenix Grenache de la Citadelle 2018" is one of this winery’s top-quality wines. It combines hardiness and tenderness, which convey the character of the vineyard and the winemakers’ skill. Moreover, it has a lovely smell of red berries and white pepper. On the palate, its extraordinary, round, and graceful structure gives it a subtle acidity and an appealing balance. A wine like this is the best option for a sophisticated and romantic date under the burning sun of Batroun. 

Revival of Lebanese Heritage and Passion for Wines: Sept

Sept winery is nestled amidst enchanting scenery and was turned into the first biodynamic vineyard in Lebanon. Inspired by memories of his father in nature and his love for wine, the owner revived his father’s land into the Sept winery that we know today. 

Along with bringing the land back to life, Maher also incorporated traditional techniques that the village’s ancestors used. Maher pours his passion and craftsmanship into each bottle, and one of the bottles is "Sept Winery Merweh 2021". 

What’s interesting about Merweh is that it used to be widely distributed and planted over Mount Lebanon by Lebanese ancestors. However, the majority of the Merweh vineyards went extinct due to Phylloxera in the 1980s and the civil war until Maher brought back a glimpse of Lebanese heritage to the "Sept Winery Merweh 2021" wine bottle.

All About Sustainability: Aurora

Aurora Winery embraced both traditional and modern wine-making Lebanese techniques while maintaining sustainability in the process. Moreover, Aurora Winery, blessed by Lebanon’s fertile soils and climate, produces wines that pay tribute to the nation’s winemaking legacy. 

"Aurora Cuvee du Patron Oaked Chardonnay 2020" is one of their prime wines that has a refreshing scent of pear and yellow apples blended with honeycomb and buttery brioche overtones. The mouthfeel of the oaked chardonnay is beautiful, as it has a silky texture, density, and delicate weight to it. This vibrant yet well-balanced wine paints a picture of yellow fruit and mild toastiness that ends with a smooth and lingering aftertaste.

Showing Lebanon’s Beauty Through a Bottle of Wine: IXSIR

The goal of IXSIR is to showcase Lebanon’s outstanding terroirs, some of which have been forgotten. One of IXSIR’s vineyards, where modern sophistication meets ancestral wisdom, is located next to a typical Lebanese home from the 17th century on one of the beautiful hills of Batroun, taking advantage of the region’s microclimate.

The enchanting allure of IXSIR’s signature wine, "Grande Reserve Red Adonis Special Edition 2015," is a harmonious blend of heritage and innovation that promises to leave an unforgettable impression. This is because of its richness in minerals and saturation of Lebanese flavor, as this wine reveals exquisite smells of ripe fruits and spices. Additionally, its concentrated flavor and fine texture give it a pleasing vitality, and its rich, mellow yet consistently complex palate carries through the aftertaste, hinting at the taste of fruit. 

Together, these wineries elevate Lebanon’s position in the realm of wines and winemaking, proudly sharing their patriotic journey through exceptional wines that embody the essence of their beloved homeland.