The blossoming popularity of avocados (paired with wine)

The blossoming popularity of avocados (paired with wine)

Avocado: Ripe and Ready
Wine: Light and high in acidity
Pair them together and enjoy the deliciousness they exude
The avocado is a very versatile fruit that is enjoyed in many forms, many dishes, and many ways. One way it is highly enjoyed is alongside a glass of wine. It is true that avocados do not have an overwhelming taste, however their subtle yet succulent flavor can be enhanced with the right wine. Given the fact that they have a rich creamy texture, they need a crisp wine that will cut through it and cleanse the palate.
What we suggest you do the next time you have an avocado is pouring yourself a glass of wine containing the following characteristics:
- Light-bodied
- High acidity
- Sweet
- Fruity or floral aromas
Here are some avocado-based dishes that are beautifully complemented with Lebanese wines:
- Smoked salmon and avocado/ Salmon tartar with avocado & Chardonnay
This dry white wine with its high-acid profile and citrusy floral aromas perfectly cuts through the texture of the dish to deliver the most perfect match of food and drink! Be sure to pop open a bottle of Chardonnay the next time you prepare this dish.
Find your selection here:
LATOURBA Chardonnay 2020
Reserve Ammiq Chardonnay 2020
Rowan Blanco Chardonnay 2020
Chateau St Thomas Chardonnay 2019
- Citrus avocado salad & Sauvignon Blanc
A dry white wine that is both fruity and bursting with fresh scents and aromas is the perfect combination to have with your citrus salad. This mix of zesty flavors calls for a palate celebration as the fruitiness comes through and the citrus notes get highlighted. To do so, grab a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc and get ready for a ride!
Find your selection here:
Domaine Wardy Sauvignon Blanc 2020
Aurora Cuvee N Sauvignon Blanc 2021
Chateau Oumsiyat Sauvignon Blanc 2020
- The crowd favorite: Avocado toast with poached egg & Dry White Wine. First off, there’s nothing wrong with having a glass of wine with brunch. Second, the way to go here would be popping open a bottle of dry white wine. The crisp acidity of said wine is fresh, sweet, and pleasant which goes perfectly well with all egg-based dishes. The egg, avocado and chilled glass of white creates a flavorful experience that will leave you feeling both satiated and highly content.
Find your selection here:
Chateau St Thomas Obeidy 2020
Chateau Qanafar Blanc 2020
Chateau Oumsiyat Blanc de Blancs 2021
Chateau Kefraya Blanc de Blancs 2021
- Guacamole & Sparkling wine
The perfect dip for the perfect tortilla scoop, and accompanied by the perfect glass of Lebanese sparkling wine. The sparkle in your glass makes for a great party drink and is a great match to cut through the saltiness of the guacamole.
Bottle to try: Batroun Mountains Frizzante Sparkling White Wine 2021
- Quinoa Avocado Salad
Red wine is not to be forgotten here. Displaying red fruit notes, and spicy aromas; the reds are the way to go when combining with grains as it takes the simple dish to the next level. The flavors are quickly enhanced and made even more delicious with the red grapes.
Find your selection here:
Chateau Oumsiyat Grande Reserve 2018
Couvent Rouge Petit Red 2018
Domaine de Baal Petit Baal Red 2019
Iris Domain Red house wine 2015
- Avocado sushi rolls
With the avocado rolls, the rosé is the way to go! Rosé tends to be a great food wine and the pairing with avocado rolls is genuinely heavenly and is a great way to cleanse your palate in between your bites.
Find your selection here:
IXSIR Grande Reserve Rose 2021
Chateau Cana Les Cabires Rosé 2021
Chateau Trois Collines Pinot Noir Rosé Ample 2020
Terre Joie Aromatix Rose 2019
The addition of a light red, an acidic white, or a lovely rosé while you enjoy the benefits of an avocado is enough to highly elevate both your meal and your mood!
Food and alcohol: a match made in heaven

Food and alcohol: a match made in heaven

It is no secret that washing down our food with some alcohol is one of the simple pleasures of life.
It adds a little “je ne sais quoi” to our culinary experiences as our palates are delighted with certain mixtures.
There are specific beverages that go with specific foods that take us on a unique adventure.
So, here’s a roadmap for the best combinations in order to reach the best flavorful occurrence.

food and alcohol
For starters, if you’re looking to jazz up your meal with some champagne; here are some foods that go amazingly well with it:
Oysters, Shellfish, Duck, Spicy foods and Soft and creamy cheeses like Goat Cheese or Halloumi


food and alcohol

If you’re less into the sparkling wine and usually opt for reds; here are some things to pair it with:
Steak ( a classic favorite, of course), Mushroom risotto, Pizza, Veal and Grilled pork


food and alcohol

For white lovers, here’s some food items you can indulge in along with your bottle:
Sushi, Poultry (chicken or turkey), Shrimp, crab, and lobster and Light salads


food and alcohol
Now, there’s a huge community of beer lovers in the world who enjoy the casual six-pack in front of the TV or by the beach while snacking on some chips or popcorn; but there’s more to just that!
Burgers, Chicken wings, Mexican food, Grilled cheese sandwiches, Barbecue and Sausages
Have a beer with any of the above-mentioned foods and we can guarantee that will it only better your meal!

food and alcohol
Now onto Vodka… Vodka on the rocks, vodka with a twist, vodka-based cocktail --- however you prefer to take it, it is undoubtedly a perfect accompaniment for the following dishes:
Russian Salad, Smoked fish of all kinds, Dried of smoked beef, Steak tartare and Creamy or salty cheeses


food and alcohol

Moving onto Whiskey now… Whiskey doesn’t have to be served only after food. Times have changed and people now enjoy sipping their drink along with some food! Here’s a list of some:
Focaccia bread, Dark Chocolate, Shrimp cocktail, Onion rings, Mini quiches and Liver pâté


food and alcohol

Now gin is popular with a variety of different food options ranging from Indian curries to charcuterie to berries! Pour yourself a Gin and Tonic next time and see for yourself!

food and alcohol
Finally, let’s discuss Rum! When you think Rum and food, your mind should automatically take you to Steak for starters! The grilled flavors of the meat along with the wood, caramel essence of the spirit is not something you want to miss out on. It also pairs perfectly well with your Mac and Cheese and really, any dessert at all!
We hope this blueprint will invite you to experiment more with alcohol and food and get your taste buds working!
October 13, 2022
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A Wine affair… Pairing herbs with wine

A Wine affair… Pairing herbs with wine

Why is wine-herb pairing a good idea? It’s one more way you could enjoy your wine drinking experience. By pairing the right wine with the right dish, the flavors are balanced and you’d be able to discover the pleasure of the basic flavors in a meal, as well as the complex combinations that are created. The cornerstone of pairing wine with herbs actually comes down to the aromatic compounds found in both. In fact, it is better to pair the wine with the sauce than with the meat mainly because that is what is more likely to exude the dominant flavor.

When it comes to food, you’re mainly looking to complement the dish with a contrasting wine for balance, or enhancing the flavors of the dish by going for a wine that is a similar match. Imagine yourself having a nice warm plate of macaroni and cheese with a beautiful, creamy, béchamel sauce. On one hand, the acidity in a good Sauvignon Blanc would be a complementary match since it balances the fat in the dish. On the other hand, a creamy Viognier or Chardonnay would actually enhance the flavors in your plate. This is an example of how two different options of white wine can make for two very different food experiences. It really does come down to personal preference.

Taking this a step further first requires that you become familiar with the popular herbs and ingredients used in different cuisines. The Mediterranean cuisine, for example, is famous for using garlic, thyme, basil, oregano, and mint among other herbs. Garlic pairs well with fruity, and dry wines, such as Sauvignon Blanc, and Viognier, or Pinot Noir, and Syrah, if you’re looking to have red wine. Syrah actually pairs well with most of the mentioned herbs, especially with basil and rosemary. Thyme and oregano are earthy herbs and would also pair well with Pinot Noir.

Tasting does take a little practice, but will eventually make for an enjoyable experience. The next time you sit down for a meal, try to isolate the predominant herbs in the dish, and experiment with wine flavors. There really is nothing like the perfect match.
Pairing Lebanese Wine and Lebanese Food

Pairing Lebanese Wine and Lebanese Food

Il y a les repas du dimanche. Des grandes tablées, pas mal de bruit au restaurant ou à la maison, des enfants, des vieux, des jeunes et des adultes, toutes les générations réunies. Il y a peut-être même des amis de la famille, des cousins qui sont venus de l’étranger, c’est souvent le cas au Liban.

On va manger. Des mezzés froids et chauds, des grillades, beaucoup de crudités, du citron, de l’ail, de l’oignon, de la coriandre, des épices douces, des abats, des viandes blanches et rouges, crues et cuites, du poisson, des farcis, des frites, des laitages, et j’en oublie sûrement… Les goûts et les couleurs ne se discutent pas, ils se mangent, et c’est là toute la diversité de la cuisine libanaise.

Et le vin dans tout ça ? Qu’est ce qu’on boit ?

D’aucun vous diront de la bière, de l’arak ou du whisky, par habitude, ou parce que finalement le repas traditionnel libanais ressemble surtout à un apéritif géant.

D’autres, et c’est la tendance, opteront pour le vin libanais, parce que c’est plus raffiné, parce qu’il y a un véritable engouement des producteurs et des consommateurs pour nos vins de montagne, pour leur fraîcheur caractéristique, leur fruité tellement gourmand, leurs épices et leur finale d’encens. Parce que c’est de chez nous, et surtout parce que c’est Bon !

Comment résister à la vivacité de nos rosés, avec leur belle acidité sur les tabboulés, les fattouches, les salades d’aubergine, l’huile d’olive relevée par l’ail et le citron. Quel meilleur accord pourrait-on donner à ces mezzés agrémentés de mélasse de grenadine, de coriandre, de crème de sésame, qu’un blanc libanais, ample, gras et complexe comme le sont nos chardonnays et nos sauvignons. Enfin comment mieux sublimer nos grillades et nos ragoûts de viandes qu’avec ces rouges levantins puissants, chargés d’épices orientales et qui ont cette pointe de minéralité en fin de bouche qui les rend tellement fins et élégants.

209 Lebanese Wine vous donne l’opportunité de redécouvrir la gastronomie libanaise à travers tous ses vins, de comprendre la diversité du Liban par son terroir, de vous lancer dans des accords que vous n’auriez pas osés. Essayez d’accorder de la Boutargue sur un Obeideh et vous verrez comment la puissance des œufs de poissons est arrondie par la vivacité de ce cépage d’exception. Proposez à vos hôtes un rosé de Cinsault sur des feuilles de vignes à l’huile, ou une belle syrah bien violette sur des côtelettes d’agneau grillées. Vous pourrez même pousser le vice à glacer un vin doux de grenache bien rouge de nos monastères sur des biscuits aux loukoums… Divin !

Allez, que la Fête commence !


Salim Heleiwa est né en 1973 à Beyrouth et a passé la plupart de sa jeunesse entre la France et le Liban. Après des études commerciales à Nice, il se dédie aux métiers de bouche, dans l’hôtellerie et la restauration. Il sera successivement acheteur de vins fins et spiritueux, sommelier, commercial, restaurateur, glacier artisanal. Il vit aujourd’hui au Liban avec sa famille et s’occupe à temps plein de The Malt Gallery, une boutique à Achrafieh de plus de 2000 références de vins fins.

November 07, 2016
209 partners with CXC to take you on an exclusive journey

209 partners with CXC to take you on an exclusive journey

Food amateurs and wine lovers, the below is for you!

What a good idea to blend two passions: gastronomy and wine. Then, how to transform this cool idea into a fantastic one? Add a pinch of Lebanese heritage, terroir spirit and easy-to-use structure.

We, at 209, are very happy and excited to announce our new collaboration with ChefXChange. To make your holiday season more memorable, ChefXChange and 209 will be bringing you the best of both worlds; food and drink!

First, let us introduce you to our partner, ChefXChange.

ChefXChange is an online platform where anyone can book a chef in just a few clicks. They’re on a mission to define the culinary experience of tomorrow, for anyone looking to host, learn, or entertain, in the comfort of their chosen venue. They provide them with a curated service and personal interaction with the chef making it hassle free, exclusive, and at restaurant competitive prices.  Chefs take care of everything from ingredient buying to cleaning up after the event. They are present in Beirut, New York City, Washington DC, London, Dubai and the GCC, along with many travelling Chefs who can visit you wherever you may be in the world.

Through an exclusive alliance with ChefXChange, 209 – the online marketplace where you can find a big selection of Lebanese wines – will put a perfectly paired choice of wines on your table and send a connoisseur to help enhance your guests’ wine-drinking experience. Run by passionate and knowledgeable wine experts who store, deliver and serve wine under optimal conditions, guaranteeing you enjoy only the very best, 209 will take you into a journey deep inside the Lebanese heritage and spirit.

From tips on how to pair Lebanese wine with food, to explanations about the quality, gender and brand of the wine you are drinking, the collaboration between the 2 platforms will be both culturally enriching, and tasty and pleasant. More than only a gustative experience, your dinner will become an informative and dynamic moment.

For this special occasion, we, at 209, will be granting you 10% discount on your first purchase, valid till January 31st of 2017. You just need to enter this code: 209-CXC-f8s9428s

Visit the ChefXChange website and book a private dinner using the promotional code CXC209 to avail of a USD 25 discount on all your bookings worth USD 100, valid till January 31st of 2017.

*Offer valid in Lebanon till January 31st, 2017.


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