Château Qanafar: The Detailed Work of a Meticulous Winemaker


A fascinating sight in the West of Lebanon’s Bekaa valley, Château Qanafar greets its visitors with a pleasant blend of architectural ambition and rich valley landscapes. Château Qanafar is a young winery but has earned a rightful place in the market as one of the best wines in the region. 

Château Qanafar today is the meticulous masterpiece of winemaker, Eddy, a well-travelled yet purely Lebanese family man, whose passionate approach doesn’t take away from his sharp focus on the craft. A winemaking genius, Eddy’s subtle disposition presents a brutal contrast with the intensity and minimalistic exuberance of his wines.

According to the winemaker himself, the key is to carefully monitor the winemaking process:

“We like to have full control of every step of the vinification process.  The wine is made solely from our own vineyards ensuring that there are no added chemicals or unwanted biological processes.  We follow a simple doctrine: grow great fruit and respect from berry to bottle.  The winemaker’s role is to shepherd the quality of the fruit into the bottle, preserving the natural flavors and aromas rather than “create” a wine”

 At Château Qanafar, all of this monumental innovation is designed carefully to enhance, never interfere with the inherited traditions of Lebanese winemaking. Château Qanafar, exemplifies that the careful focus on the vinification process, from soil to bottle, is what delivers the true Lebanese wine experience. 

This is worth fighting for.

No matter what our description is, the true scope of its genius is best experienced first-hand, through its wines:

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December 16, 2020