Go Organic!

Simply put, organic wines are produced with organically grown grapes, free from pesticides, herbicides and GMO yeasts.

Although sulfites levels might differ, the most common point to highlight is that organic wines should not contain any added sulfites.

What are sulfites you ask?

Sulfites, also known as sulfur dioxide, occur naturally during the fermentation process, to work as a preservative against certain yeast and bacteria- things that can ruin a wine instantly if they grow.

However, the amount of sulfite produced naturally during fermentation is not enough to preserve a wine’s life, so wineries have taken upon themselves to add some in order to protect their wine.


In fact, Sulfites are widely used in the Food and Beverage industry as a flavor enhancer and food preservative. In wine, sulfites are used to maintain the flavor of the wine in the bottle, prolong its shelf life, and especially prevent the wine from browning - something that could instantly change the color and flavor of the wine.


So, in order to grow organic grapes, a winemaker must implement a different set of practices to maintain its vines. Practices that might make the winemaking process more challenging, but the end result is a simpler, more natural product, that is equally dynamic in flavor and taste.


Lebanon has a few organic wineries spread across all regions, that produce amazing organic wines unique to their terroir.

We've compiled a list for you to discover the world of Organic Lebanese wine, so just click HERE and explore!

January 14, 2021