Food pairing: Rosé and fresh cheese
Rosé and fresh cheese… once put together, form a beautiful and delicious bond one can’t get enough of. Almost everyone in the world knows this about the heavenly combination, right?
Now, imagine how true it rings in Lebanon specifically with all the amazing local produce we have.
The country’s beautiful landscapes and weather have allowed for the nicest wineries to bloom throughout the years, offering its people amazing Lebanese wines.
Whether it’s from the Beqaa Valleys or Mount Lebanon or wherever your preference is, any Lebanese rosé should be your #1 go-to when preparing your cheese wheels or your wine and cheese nights.
Food pairing: Rosé and fresh cheese
Food pairing: Rosé and fresh cheese
Here’s a few combinations we highly recommend;
  • Feta cheese provide richness that can handle the soft, berry fruit of a dry rosé.
  • Cheddar cheese needs a dry full-bodied Syrah Rosé wine to stand up to its intense personality.
  • Goat cheese is the obvious choice to eat with Cab Franc. The medium-high acidity in the wine goes well with the cheese. There’s good reason as to why they’re always paired together!
Food pairing Rose and Cheese
Food pairing: Rosé and fresh cheese
September 05, 2022