Château Oumsiyat: Where tradition meets the future

In perhaps one of the most photogenic enclaves of the Mtein region of Lebanon, the Bou Sleiman Family has been making wine since the 1950’s. Joseph and Cynthia Bou Sleiman are today the 4th generation winemakers and founders of Château Oumsiyat.
More than just a winery, Chateau Oumsiyat is their home. Winemaking binds their family together and keeps them in touch with their history and traditions.



Oumsiyat means beautiful and happy nights spent around music, wine and stories.
Cynthia, the keeper of the stories, was keen on starting our conversation at the ancient premise of their winery: the old “cave”.


 The “cave” is an homage to their history. It has endured wars, fires and conflicts, just like the Bou Sleiman family, but it’s still here, just like them.

Cynthia proudly tells us that their story is one of resilience, just like all Lebanese stories: a story of getting back up however big the fall. 

Cynthia is proud of Chateau Oumsiyat: proud of its history, of its traditions, and she is proud to be passing the legacy on to her children one day…


 Visiting Château Oumsiyat is just like visiting their family home: Everyone works in harmony. It’s not unusual for the workers and employees to work alongside the Bou Sleiman kids, who like to help and play around the winery. 


Today, Chateau Oumsiyat makes wine in great varieties ranging from Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, Tempranillo, Cinsault, Grenache and Carignan, to Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Clairette, Uni Blanc and Obeideh.

Cynthia tells us that variety is a way for the Lebanese people to explore and discover all that their land has to offer. For her, Lebanese wine doesn’t need to be pushed or marketed in any other way than what it really is: a high-quality wine, good enough to speak for itself. Discover what she means HERE.

February 15, 2021